A look at the 2012 year

See below for photos from Theophany Eve (2012)

Theophany Eve celebrations 2012 (photos) CLICK HERE!
Щедрий вечір (знімки)

Lydia and Anna performing at the end of year Ukrainian Community School
Christmas concert
Ліда і Аня співають 'Білий Янгол'
на закінченню шкільного року в школі ім. Лесі Українки в Нобл Парку

Біли Янгол

Our Community centre now has access to the club rooms for disabled people as well as a covered area.
Many thanks to our Committee members
See how our centre has changed!!!

Chairlift at AUV Noble Park

We did it!!!!
250 plus people attended the AUV 50th anniversary celebrations
Thank you to all who helped in the organising, those who performed and those who attended.

The decorations were FABULOUS!!!  Thanks Katya and Liana Slipetsky
Photos courtesy of Paul Danyluk

AUV Golden Jubilee September, 2012 ‎(Part 2)‎

Borysfen Trio

AUV Golden Jubilee September, 2012 ‎(Part 2)‎

AUV Golden Jubilee September, 2012

AUV 50th Jubilee

AUV Golden Jubilee September, 2012

AUV Golden Jubilee slide show
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Congratulations to Liana and Katya Slipetsky for making the newspapers

SPONSORS of AUV Golden Jubilee

The AUV sincerely thanks Dnister for their sponsorship of the event.
Support your co-op....  They will support you!!!
Slipetsky Property for all your real estate needs

The AUV sincerely thanks the Ukrainian newspaper, Church and Life
for their support in advertising  our Golden Jubilee

Zenon Figurek  - Master painter

AUV Hall painting

AUV Hall painting

AUV Golden Jubilee committee

AUV Golden Jubilee committee

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Preparing for the 50th anniversary
Car Park upgrade thanks to Sam Selemba, Anton Dornyk and Roman Kitt

AUV car park upgrade 2012

AUV car park upgrade 2012

Steve Opar brings home the Ukrainian 2012 golf challenge trophy
Wagga Wagga NSW, June 2012
Наш Заступник голови філії в Нобл Парку,
Стефан Опар виграв змагання ґолфістів в Ваґа Ваґа в Новій Південній Валії
червень 2012

See more photos here

Mother's Day concert  at Noble Park
Свято Матері – концерт в Нобл Парку
школа ім. Лесі Українки

Mother's Day Concert 2012 slideshow

Mother's Day Concert 2012 slideshow

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Theophany Eve celebrations 2012 (photos) CLICK HERE!
Щедрий вечір (знімки)

Theophany Eve (Schedry Vechir was another success this year.  180 people (guests and performers) packed the Noble park Community centre to witness performances by "Rodyna" singers, Borysfen quartet, Homin men's choir, the Ukrainian Community School choir as well as a performance by one of our youngest performers, Artur Naumenko, winner in his age group at the Australian Accordion championships.

A great time was had by one and all.  During the concert, life memberships were awarded to two of our hardest working members, Mrs. Sofia Opar and Mrs. Stefania Ramza.
After the end of the concert guests participated in a traditional Ukrainian Christmas meal.  At different times carollers went from table to table inviting guests to join in the carol singing.

Щедрий Вечір з ''Родиною''

Щедрий Вечір з ''Родиною''

Visit "Rodyna's" web-site at 

Щедрий Вечір в Нобл Парку. Ансамбль
''Родина'' співає коляду ''Що то за Предиво?''
"Rodyna" singers performing at the Noble Park Ukrainian Community Centre
at the annual Theophany Eve celebrations.

Some of our helpers

See more photos here!!!!

Schedry Vechir Noble Park 2012 - preparation
A large number of volunteers helped make our Theophany Eve celebrations a huge success. Some of the women worked for three days before the event cooking and preparing meals for the big day. 
We sincerely thank each and every one of them.

Homin and Borysfen quartet carolling in Geelong

                       Homin and Borysfen quartet carolling in Geelong

Чоловічий хор Гомін і Квартет 'Борисфен' з Нобл Парку
беруть участь у вечір колядок в Джілонґу.
Carols in Geelong
Homin men's choir and Borysfen quartet from Noble Park taking part
in Christmas carols in Geelong.

The Association of Ukrainians in Noble Park congratulates Markiyan Stefyn on graduating with a Diploma of Aviation (Air Traffic Control)
December 5th 2011

More pictures can be viewed here

Tree planting at the Ukrainian Community centre
July 2011
Both young and old students took part in a tree planting day at the Noble Park Community Centre

Celebrating 60 years of Ukrainian schools in Australia

60 ліття українського шкільництва в Австралії

Вічная пам'ять пан Іван Кривяк  RIP Ivan Krywiak

25.1.1924  -  28.8.2011

"A tireless and faithful worker for the Ukrainian Community.  Ivan Krywiak was deeply religious and committed to all causes that were Ukrainian.  His life was dedicated to serving the Ukrainian community in Noble Park, be it in the Association of Ukrainians where he was amongst the longest serving members of the executive, or in the church or in the Noble Park choir 'Homin'.   His presence, his sense of humour, his lovely voice, his participation in all our community activities will be sorely missed.  
However, he will not be forgotten.''

Rest in Peace Ivan

Вічная Пам'ять Друже Іване!!!

Read some of the tributes

Mother's Day concert at Noble Park 22-5-2011

Свято матері в Нобл Парку – знімки

Hopak in the Park!!!!     30-4-2011    Гопак в Парку!!!

Hopak in the Park! Noble Park style!

Remembering the Chornobyl disaster

Чорнобильська Аварія

Чорнобильська Аварія

Easter Sunday  24-4-2011  Великодня Неділя

Odd spot!!!  -  От Цікаво!!!

Voting - Ukrainian style!!!!  Як наші депутати голосують в Україні!!!

Philipino guy dances for Shumka Ensemble - has embraced Ukrainian culture/language because of his Ukrainian babysitter!


The long shadow of Chernobyl - Чорнобиль (відео)

Schedry Vechir  (Theophany Eve) January 21nd 2012

Щедрий Вечір в Нобл Парку

180 people attended another fantastic Schedry Vechir in 2011....

Понад 180 людей було присутніх на Щедрому Вечорі цього року

Our Ukrainian members in Queensland were also affected by the floods
Українські родини також потерпіли в наслідок повені в Квінзленді
Огляньте знімки з народнього дому в Окслі
See their pictures


Recent events – Нещодавні події

Громадська Коляда  -  Carolling....
the tradition continues

End of Ukrainian School year concert   December 12 2010
Закінчення шкільного року – Святий Миколай
Another great concert see 2010 photos

Закінчення навчального року 2010 
End of school year video collage (thanks I. Petryshyn)

Video of girls' choir

View some pictures from 2009 concert

Перед Різдвяна Зустріч, 5–12–2010
В Народньому домі
Управа Відділу СУВ  Нобл Парк
Click to view the photos of the day
Pre-Christmas get together
Ukrainian Women's Association, Noble Park

Stalin's forced famine-genocide remembered at Noble Park
See pictures from the day

Українці світу закликають Януковича визнати Голодомор геноцидом

Go to Holodomor site

Celebrating Ukrainian Independence Day (BMW Edge)  2010

Celebrating Ukrainian Independence Day