З новим роkом Українським!!!   Happy Ukrainian New Year!!!

Маланка громадська 15-го січня 2011. Учасники танцюють ''Коломийку'' (відео)   -  Celebrating the Ukrainian new year. Video of participants dancing the "Kolomeyka"

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Americans dress up in costume for Halloween. Brazilians take to the streets and party during Carnival.

Ukrainians have the best of both worlds…Malanka!

No one is quite sure of Malanka's origins. Many suggest that it evolved from pagan festivals and rituals in pre-Christian times. Today, it marks traditional Ukrainian New Years Eve, the feast day of St. Melania, an end of the Christmas season and a final chance to celebrate before Lent.

Across Ukraine, each village has its own special rituals and customs; some people dress up in drag, others in animal masks or scary costumes. Revellers roam the streets and go door to door playing pranks but unlike Halloween it's the adults not the children who seem to have all the fun.

After all of the jokes and pranks have been played the whole community comes together for one final celebration. Plenty of food and drink is shared. Music plays and partiers dance late into the night or even until dawn!

Whatever its origins, Malanka is a chance to have fun with family and friends; to celebrate the year that was and to welcome in the new year with the outlook that it will be enjoyable and prosperous.